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This theme is very similar to the default layout as supplied by CumulusMX. The difference is in the placing of the side panel title - it's at the top of the column instead of in-line with the first main page panel.

With the sidebar on the right, it natuarally sinks to below the main page content on smaller screens. This makes it easier to use by those not familliar with responsive page design.

If you need these templates you should download the four page layouts and upload them to your webserver. They will not over-write any existing page so this can be done safely.

Full site now available
Fourteen responsive pages

A full set of replacement pages using this layout is now available here. It also includes a number of changes that are fully documented in the code.

  • There are two gauges pages - the normal guauges.htm and gaugesII.htm. Just rename if you want to use the second version.
  • There is a new ' todayYest.htm ' page so you can compare the two days. You will have to add/change your menu to use this.
  • The three main css files; colours.css, mx-templates.css and gauges.css have been updated so are also included in this zip file. Make sure they are in the right place on your web server.

Please backup your existing pages before uploading this new set of pages to your website.

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Replacement 'default site'

You can now replace your existing default CumulusMX website with a fully responsive one.

Please NOTE: If you have added your own custom pages then you may want to download the templates as well to make your own custom pages match this layout.

This site uses this new responsive layout.

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Modal popup

Popups can be useful to show information that might clutter the main page display and is not critical to the page.

Be aware that some users may have disabled popups and so will not have access to this information.

The popup width can be adjusted by editing the html for the popup. This one has been set to a max width of 700px.