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No Sidebar Layouts

With this layout you have the full width of the screen (1140px - site-width or 1250px graph-width) for your weather data. You can make this bigger by changing the setting in the cumulus-mx.css stylesheet. However, remember that the layout will shrink to fit smaller screens and your layout may not work for everyone.

Use this link to download all four variations of this template.

A note about html tables

Basicly, tables don't work well on responsive screens. If you absolutely must use a table then make its container responsive.

This is done by adding the class 'w3-responsive' to the 'div' immediately before it. Your table will then scroll sideways within the available space. You may also need to consider adding the style 'white-space:nowrap;' to the table to prevent cells growing vertically.

There is a better way available that has been used on the 'today' and all 'records' pages on the replacement website available here. This site replaces the existing default site and updates the two maiin style sheets. No other files are changed.


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