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Use the local page menu (above right) to see the other layouts, 1 to 4 column.

You can use all the same template or vary it depending on your data.


You can change the theme used on this page by visiting the Colour themes page.

Left Sidebar Templates


These templates all use a left aligned sidebar 25% of the page width. (On the four column template this is reduced to 20%).

To make use, download all four templates and copy-n-paste panel contents from your CumulusMX site. You can then rename the template with the required filename.

Please note that all templates are named ATx-Yc.htm, where 'x' is replaced with either 'L', 'N' or 'R' for left, none and right aligned sidebars. The 'Y' is replaced with number 1 - 4 indicating the number of columns.

A note about sidebars on smaller screens

On medium and small screens the sidebar in these templates will move to above the main content.

To overcome this you can duplicate sidebar content in a panel at the bottom of the main content area. You should then its 'row' the class 'w3-hide-large' to hide it when the sidebar is on the left. At the same time add the classes 'w3-hide-small' & 'w3-hide-medium' to any row container in the sidebar that you have added to the main area and don't want to appear on smaller screens.


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